commissioned artwork

Large commissions
Sketch Hood Cover Helmet
Portraits of dogs
Nikita Apenzell-mountain dog Yvonnes dogs Tequila Nine dogs Bambam and co Bambam and co Flocke Flocke Rosi´s Ladies Ladeira A Chihuahua and a Wessie a crossbreed Alf Eight fogs Baquero Poodle Bobby Family Chocolat Fibi Four dogs Winslow and Flake Spike Joshua, Wiona and Etienne Füchschen Bambam and Family Ricky Rebeccas dogs El Xyko Six puppies and mother Helenchen Fibie Three little Chihuahuas Border Collie Luna Topolino Idefix 12 dogs Matador Pelle A Papillion Shadow Three Chihuahuas Funny Boja Tarzan Nelle Bonsai Daisy Debby Jounty Sita
Portraits of horses
Gero Therapy-horse Oehler Four horses
Portraits of cats
two cats Fibie, Tommy and Gina two tom cats two tom cats
Small commissions
Shirt with troll image Shirt with dwarf image Visiting-cards Hodgesaargh! Pottery figure
Bee keeper logo Coat of arms for the Schicksalsfest Sketch for a coat of arms Wyrdfest-coat of arms A building A CD-Cover
Cartoon Discworld Cartoon Discworld Cartoon Discworld Cartoon Discworld Book-illustration Cartoons psychiatrist
Fantasy creatures
Tatto sketch Elf Tatto sketch Ork with bike
Portraits of persons
Portrait Teenager with dogs wedding couple Boy with Ladeira älteres Ehepaar Celina with Ladeira Wedding present Girl with a dog Wedding couple Carina with Sunny Elben-children Portrait on canvas Portrait of a couple Family with dogs Wedding couple Commission Portrait Comic-version of Snoop Doggy Dog Comic-version of Snoop Doggy Dog Comic-version of Snoop Doggy Dog
Tree of life
Role playing characters
Role playing character Kallas Role playing character Pillantier Role playing characters Dragor and Luna Role playing character Leafsong Role playing character Rif Role playing character Valimijeri Role playing character Thyra Role playing character Temkin-Shar The unusual Suspects
Other commissions
Individual note paper Commission Bacchus

Gallery (free artwork)

Discworld related
Death of Discworld Susan Deathtree! Greebo and Cat Cheese! Esme and the rise of the Phoenix Kiss the Cook! Whirling Nanny Great A´Tuin Cheerys Little Bottom Rincewindingup Death with a cat Anguas Transformation Crowboy Granny and Cat The Nightwatch 100% Rincewind The Witches Death with Greebo Rincewind & Luggage Lady Barber Death on Binky
Pictures of my own elf characters
Catskind Catskind and wolf Lying Catskind Catskind Portrait The Gnome At the clearing Splinter Splinter Portrait The Ambush The Gnome 2 Dark Rider
Fabulous creatures, aliens, mytical creatures
Manticore Flying Alien Foreign Flowers Stranger Moondragon Angel
Getaner (Flyer): self invented characters
Shack2006 Shack Shack with staff Light Keeper Shack on the Rocks Harbor In the trees After battle Three Moons Bronx Study Solitude Friends Kuckoo Yearning Training Sunset Liersrunning Show me Red Sky Cave The Couple The Changing The Guardian Goldwing Outsider Black Sky Lier At patrol The Rescue In the holy halls Colourgame Rival Nightflight Shack brown Shack with chalk Shack on Stone Shack with daughter Shack and Endoriel Colour Study Study Trias Lier in chalk Young Goldwing