Thatīs me

Short biography:

Born 12.02.1974 in Langen (Hessen).
1993 abitur at the Gustav-Heinemann-Gymnasium (highschool) in Rüsselsheim.
Then start teacher training for highschools in the subjects German and Philosophy at the Gutenberg-University in Mainz. (Not finished yet, maybe never)
But a lot of other things happened in the meantime:
Iīm married since 12.12.02 (registration office and since 11.1.03 in church).
At 08.06.03 our daughter Jennifer Leonie Maria was born and at 08.01.07 our son Darwin Leonard Michael.

My artwork and me:

I draw since I can think (and I started very early with it!). In kindergarten everyone thought my mother would draw the pictures I showed them. Because a small child canīt draw pictures like this. But i could and have never stopped. During my school time I discovered my preference for comics and fantasy art. Especially the artwork of Wendy Pini, producer of the comic "Elfquest" has influenced my style. I invented my own figures and wrote stories about them. Parts of the story you can find here. In my artwork I prefer to draw subjects or figures you canīt photograph, but only exist in your imagination. So I like to draw for people which have a clear imagination of a motive, but canīt draw for them selves.

To escape the grey everyday life (Itīs not really grey) and for inspiration I like to read fantasy books (Terry Pratchett, Tollkien, Stephen King, etc.). I like movies which impresses my with their pictures and entertain my with an intelligent script. (Sleepy Hollow, Dark City, Lord of the Rings, etc.). Also I like all kind of animals and the whole nature; Iīm interested in everything which walks, flies or swims.

Here you can find photos of my daughter, my animals and of the Wadfests.

Jennifer and me

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