How to give a commission?

I can draw from photos persons, animals and objects (cars, motorbikes, etc.) in realistic style or I can draw fabulous creatures, and figures of your imagination (for example role playing characters). Also I can combined real persons and fantastic motives (for example the wedding couple). And i can do smaller commissions like silk paintings (neckties, neckerchiefs, etc.), tattoo sketches (tattoo sketch Ork) and individual designed post papers. If you want to see more look at commissions and Shop.

Mostly I do use water colour, but also acryl, chalk, carbon, coloured fine liner, or ink. The surface doesn´t matter. I can paint on paper, wood or even a hood.

Before I start to draw a commission, I want to know how exactly it shall look like. Then i make Sketches (in DIN A5 with pencil). Only when the sketches exactly correspond to the imagination, I begin to draw. (It has always worked!). It never takes longer than two or three weeks.

The prices starts with 25 € (~15 Pounds) for a DIN A4 picture, 50 € (~30 Pounds) for DIN A3 full coloured and pass on with the size and complexity of the artwork (100 € (~60 Pound) to 150 € (~90 Pounds for 50cm x 70cm. (To ask is for free!)